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Invisible Blinds

Multiple Configurations


Blinds can be concealed inside the wall or inside the ceiling, with the blind gap towards the window or towards the room. The most common configuration in windows and doors, is to use a headbox only, however in rooms where blackout blinds may be required, Blindspace side boxes and bottom boxes are also frequently used. 

Bottom-up blinds can also be concealed in windows and gables with or without side boxes to conceal wires or blind side channels. 


As a general rule, blinds should be installed as close to the window as possible to minimize gaps on the sides of the blind. This increase privacy, reduce light coming in and warm air circulating to the room. With Blindspace side boxes, gaps can be eliminated and 100% blackout can be achieved.

It is important to allow for protrudning door and window handles when configuring the blind gap close to the window.


5bc57982eb16de2a3519bc82_CGI Installation Ceiling.jpg
5bc57966a8a9d889edce38a4_CGI Installation Wall.jpg
5bc57a4a36f9e4066c3c8cf2_CGI Installation Wall Close-up.jpg
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